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    Integrated Application Security

    Our objective is to provide application security solutions that integrate with your development process so that good security is baked in from the start with less reliance on external security experts.

    This approach rests on three core values:

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      Developers are responsible for application security

      Investing in security training improves code robustness and reduces the costs of using external security experts. Who understands the code better if not the developers themselves?

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      Good security practice is embedded in the development process

      It starts with understanding security risks, defining security requirements then building robust software through secure coding practices and thorough testing.

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      Security Testing should be continuous and part of the build process

      Modern development practices such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery rely on automation to bring value to market faster. Security should not be the anchor holding development back; instead by using security automation tools we can provide security testing at the same cadence as delivery. Our security tests can be run from a Continuous Integration server like Jenkins, providing continuous and seamless security testing.