Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to building the tools you need to manage and test the security of your software. Security tools and processes have to be business enablers, not blockers; and they cannot slow down the speed of development. Our solutions integrate with the normal development workflow, so that security is truly built in and not bolted on.

Our Team

  • Stephen de Vries
    Stephen de Vries Co-Founder and CEO

    Stephen is our co-founder and CEO. He started his career as a C, C++ and Java developer, moving into security operations and then software security. He’s an active contributor to a number of OWASP projects and has helped FTSE 100 companies to build security into their development processes through threat modeling and integrated security testing.
    Stephen enjoys tinkering with renewable, off-grid energy systems and writing code.

  • Cristina Bentue
    Cristina Bentue Co-Founder and COO

    After studying several masters in Near Eastern Studies, Cristina forged her career in technology startups between Barcelona and the City of London before co-founding Continuum Security. Cristina currently manages operations as COO with a growing team of developers and security analysts. Cristina is an advocate for open platforms and leads the community edition of Continuum Security’s product suite to offer users a free and collaborative platform to share threat models of system architectures. Cristina is a champion of women in technology and for encouraging girls to choose STEM subjects at an early age.

  • Paul Santapau Nebot
    Paul Santapau Nebot CTO

    Paul is our CTO and has been working in security for more than 10 years in both defensive and offensive roles. His experience ranges from working in security research at the Nisu Security Research Group and building an innovation department at a startup. His passions are working on effective and pragmatic approach to Security and Security applied to DevOps, Software Engineering and Networking. Paul enjoys mountain biking, running and swimming between being a father.

  • Raquel Ollés
    Raquel Ollés Marketing Manager

    If your product, service and idea were born with the goal of improving the lives of others, then its success is guaranteed! Adding a well planned strategy, passion, creativity and hard work ensures its success. For me, Marketing is not a department in a company but an attitude and a passion that has filled my career with challenges and allowed me to launch companies and improve businesses.

  • Tony Marante
    Tony Marante VP Global Sales

    As a Global Technology General Management & Sales Executive, I have over 20 years of experience in public and hybrid cloud computing and enterprise software markets, business development, and sales leadership at two industry giants, Microsoft and HP. At Continuum Security, I’m leading the sales team and global partner strategies for our IriusRisk Platform.

  • Jorge Esperón
    Jorge Esperón Senior Security Architect

    Dad of two and science lover. I´m a life-long learner and I like to share learning with others. I believe security is a intrinsic quality of good software, from design to implementation, not only a patch at the end of a process. It´s a continuum set of tradeoffs that Bussiness and IT should make together. I began my career as a C++ developer and I have been working in IT Security for more than 10 years. My experience goes from threat monitoring in different SOC´s, AppSec consulting services and implementing process to automate security into the SDLC. I am a big fan of Baroque music and I also enjoy reading and writing SciFi stories. Sometimes I run to clear my mind.

  • Víctor Cañizares Mata
    Víctor Cañizares Mata Team Leader

    Born and raised in the New York of La Mancha, Albacete. Java and Groovy codebasher by calling. Environmental activist out of necessity. Lover of homemade stews. Retired drummer. Basketball fan and cyclist. Half classic geek: loud heavy metal music, coffee, GNU/Linux and The X-Files. Half not-so-classic geek: I’m not into gadgets, nor do I play Pokemon GO and I don’t watch TV series. I prefer to be surrounded by nature and my dream is to live in a country house with a vegetable garden.

  • Francisco Viejobueno
    Francisco Viejobueno Senior Developer

    I have been a java developer for more than ten years. Working mainly in startups and internet related companies i develop a passion for automation and continuous deployment. I love traveling and living in different countries to learn more about other cultures and ways of life. I like to spend my spare time with my friends, my cats, listening to death metal, watching Start Trek and playing Clash Royale.

  • Antonio Belenguer Vidal
    Antonio Belenguer Vidal Senior Developer

    I started my career with a passion for analysing and solving problems in Java; and have applied this knowledge by working in a number of different business areas.  In my free time I’ve also explored the world of Big Data and R, which I’m looking forward to applying to software security management.  On a personal note, I’m an Asianophile and one of my personal goals is to become a decent Baduk player.

  • Víctor Romero Méndez
    Víctor Romero Méndez Senior Developer

    I’ve been coding Java for 7 years and in my spare time enjoy researching technologies like Android, Ruby, Amazon Web Services and tinkering with Arduinos.   When I’m not immersed in technology, I love cooking traditional Spanish food and am a movie and TV series addict.

  • Eduardo Estrella
    Eduardo Estrella Team Leader

    As a software developer, I have extensive experience in web and mobile applications, most of them in Java and Javascript. I worked in the banking sector, so I know how important software security is! In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with Lego Mindstorms, IoT and mentoring youngsters in these subjects.  My next pet projects will be AI, especially Swarm Intelligence. In all honesty, i think I need another life to learn it all!

  • Lubica Kovacikova
    Lubica Kovacikova Office Administrator

    I am a dedicated office administrator to assist the directors and managers as well as deliver internal reporting, document editing and other office tasks. After studying Mathematics and Physics I spent several years living abroad and improved my language skills starting in USA, Austria, Germany and finally landed in Spain. In my previous life I have worked for a unique logistic provider as well as an HR manager. I was responsible for more than 350 employees, covering all HR tasks. Although numbers are my passion I enjoy working with great people, and Continuum Security’s team definitely is amazing! When not in front of the computer, I enjoy spending time in nature, especially in the garden with my fabulous pets.

  • Carlos Ollés
    Carlos Ollés Senior Developer

    Zaragoza based, Carlos is one of our younger team members. Carlos is a technology & gadget lover, he develops Java-based apps using the maximum possible number of frameworks. In his free time, he likes to play guitar, go running with his dog while listening to hard rock, or learning something about that new technology/gadget/addon that just came up. Surfs in summer and snowboard in winter.

  • David Gacías Lacruz
    David Gacías Lacruz DevOps Engineer

    David is a DevOps and system automation fanatic with a mission to support our development team and improve our infrastructure and processes.
    His professional interests vary from building and managing cloud infrastructures or dockerizing application stacks to researching new technologies and discovering new ways to do more with less.  His moto is to automate all the things (If you have to do it twice, automate it!). In his free time, he loves to play videogames like Overwatch or heavily modded tech Minecraft and watch science fiction movies and anime.  He also has a keen interest in renewable energy generation, distribution and storage, and electric vehicles and sustainable mobility.

  • Javier Pulido
    Javier Pulido Test Automation Engineer

    A Java developer with QA/Automation super-powers. I’ve been working with Java my whole career but in my spare time I love trying new things with NodeJS and any other Javascript framework/libraries.
    The Security field has always intrigued me and the overlap between QA test automation and security automation is ripe for exploring.
    I’m also a proud father of 3 dogs and 3 cats who love sleeping around me while watching thousand of hours of movies or TVshows.
    I enjoy video games and can easily spend the whole weekend playing with friends from time to time.

  • Carlos Rivas Munilla
    Carlos Rivas Munilla Senior Developer

    I’ve been working with software for more than 10 years. Born in Madrid and now living in Cervantes’ city, Alcalá de Henares, in a cat-controlled house.
    Always learning something: code is ephemeral but concepts are eternal. AI, Machine Learning & Data Analyst enthusiastic. I love music, travelling and TV series, but also playing the guitar, cooking, gardening and gaming.

  • Pedro Najor
    Pedro Najor Senior Developer

    I enjoy working in the full stack of a project, from the design to the implementation, including developing Back-end and Front-end and participating in technical decisions. Part of my free time I dedicate to mobile development. I started developing for Android and then moved to Appcelerator and Ionic2 which allows cross-platform development. I am agile lover, so I apply agile procedures in all the projects I am involved. The rest of my free time I fill with sport (running, cycling or swimming).

  • Miguel Ángel Sanz Muñoz
    Miguel Ángel Sanz Muñoz Security Analyst

    I have been working as a consultant in information security to help organisations protect their data and processes, and to provide them with practical recommendations on to deploy their applications, processes and systems securely.  I am interested in software development, application security applications and systems and am simply curious about how things works. I enjoy reading books, playing videogames and sports like football, basketball, voleyball, tenis and padel.

  • Jorge Landa
    Jorge Landa Developer

    Born and bred in Zaragoza, Jorge has been passionate about technology from an early age.  This led him on the path to become a developer starting at age 14. His poison of choice is Java, although his curiosity takes him all over the most recent and disruptive innovations. Jorge is not only into technologies but plays sports and loves the mountains and nature.

Board of Directors

  • Stephen de Vries
    Stephen de Vries Chairman
  • Cristina Bentue
    Cristina Bentue Member
  • Juan Revuelta
    Juan Revuelta Member
  • Celso Martinho
    Celso Martinho Member
  • Samuel Gil
    Samuel Gil Member

Advisory Board

  • Adam Shostack
    Adam Shostack Member

    Adam is a consultant, entrepreneur, technologist, author and game designer. He’s a member of the BlackHat Review Board, and helped found the CVE and many other things. He’s currently helping a variety of organizations improve their security, and advising startups as a Mach37 Star Mentor. While at Microsoft, he drove the Autorun fix into Windows Update, was the lead designer of the SDL Threat Modeling Tool v3 and created the “Elevation of Privilege” game.

  • Rafael Brugnini
    Rafael Brugnini Member

    Rafael joined in 2018 as advisor to the CEO. Rafa brings extensive experience launching & leading global teams in the software and solutions business, including building partner and channel eco-systems.