Continuum Security at DevSecCon London – 2017

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We’ve presented and sponsored every DevSecCon London event since inception because of it’s focus on cutting edge defensive conferences around.  Highlights from the 2016 event included Marcus Pinto’s talk on off the shelf automation to find security bugs, Simon Bennett explaining how to automate security scans with OWASP ZAP and  a really cool and entertaining talk on an epic Battle facing up DevOps vs Security by Nick Drage and Fraser Scott.

You can take a look to the full stream of talks here.  

This year, DevSecCon is going to Boston on the 11th-12th September 2017, if you want to catch up with the state-of-the-art of DevOps + Security, we highly recommend this.

London’s DevSecCon conference is happening again this year (19th-20th of October) and we will be again sponsoring the event.  We are preparing some interesting demos for the event, highlighting how to automate and manage risk in DevOps processes – hope to see you there!

Here’s a sneak peek of the automated workflows that are possible with IriusRisk.   


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