Continuum Security at the Digital Enterprise Show 2017

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Our team will be at the Digital Enterprise Show in Madrid from the 22 – 25 May in sunny Madrid:  We also have a limited number of free passes for anyone interested!  Just send us an email through the contact-us form and we’ll send you the details.  This pass includes:

Our CEO, Stephen de Vries, will be giving a talk on Wednesday the 23rd at 3pm called “The Software Security Challenge” where he’ll discuss the challenges facing organisations to address the need for robust and secure software in the age of DevOps and Agile practices.   Digital transformation is built on software – and increasingly enterprises rely on their own software to fuel and deliver innovation. The security of this software is therefore a key requirement in keeping the business running. We’ll provide practical advice on how to build security into software from the start.

See you in Madrid!

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