Schedule a meeting with us at RSA to discuss #EasyThreatModeling

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The Continuum Security team will be at RSA in San Francisco to answer all your threat modeling and DevSecOps questions.  Threat Modeling is often seen as a complex activity that can only be performed by skilled security analysts who have to invest significant time and energy into producing a useful threat model and its corresponding security requirements.

Our IriusRisk platform vastly simplifies and speeds up this process so that developers themselves can generate their own security requirements based on the rules and policies established by the security team.  It’s one more important step towards Self Service Application Security.  Some of the exciting new features included in IriusRisk are:

  • Diagramming with DFDs as a compliment to our standard questionnaire based approach.  See a quick demo of this feature here.
  • Addition of the EU GDPR Risk Patterns to our knowledge base to help guide your development teams in building GDPR compliant applications.
  • Ability to import vulnerability results from both Fortify SCA and Fortify Software Security Centre.  A brief demo of this feature can be viewed here.

IriusRisk’s design and roadmap is partner friendly, so if you’d like to meet up and discuss a relationship with us, or if you’d just like to meet the founders and understand more about how we can help you scale threat modeling, please get in touch to schedule a meeting.

If you’d like to swing by the booth, we’re at the “Pavilion of Spain” at the South Expo #2125.

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