11Sep 2016
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Scaling Threat Modeling with tools

Adam Shostack wrote an interesting blog post on the role of diagrams in threat modeling where he contrasts the benefits and trade-offs of using tooling vs. diagrams to build a threat model. One [...]

8May 2016
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BDD-Security v2.0 Released

Now with power. This version has a number of improvements, including: Simpler test execution with less background magic. Just standard Gradle tasks and Cucumber-JVM Simpler integration with [...]

25Apr 2016
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Buscamos un programador de Java

Buscamos un desarrollador con experiencia laboral en Java para unirse a nuestro equipo. Tenemos un producto innovador en el ámbito de SecDevOps, es decir implementar automatización de los [...]

6Jul 2015
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0.9.1 Release of BDD-Security

The 0.9.1 release of BDD-Security is out with some notable changes: HtmlUnit is now the default WebDriver and it’s faaaaaast. The only caveat is that the JavaScript engine is not 100% [...]

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